»A dying woman of significant wealth returns with her entourage to Saint Petersburg, the birth city of her estranged mother. Disappointed by how little her shielded life had to offer, she is determined to catch up before she dies. In an abandoned factory she creates a kingdom around the throne of her death bed. The citizens of her sovereign state are underprivileged youth recruited on the streets of the city. Day and night they must play ‚The End Game‘, to conjure up every moment that their queen missed out on. The prizes are plentiful; the mansions, the diamonds, the ferrari… But the stakes are higher than anyone bargained for. Failing is not an option.«
24 Shows zu jeweils 4 Stunden, 30 Zuschauende.

Szenografie: in Zusammenarbeit mit Signa Köstler & Amanda Babaei Vieira.
Rolle: 14

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21. New European Theater Festival, St. Petersburg, Russia
27.11.19 – 14.12.19

Fotos: © Erich Goldmann: