»Det Åbne Hjerte is the sequel to SIGNA’s latest work, Das Halbe Leid (Deutsches Schauspielhaus, Hamburg 2017/2018).
The 12-hour performance (running time is 19:00 to 07:00) features a cast of more then 50 Danish and international performers, and explores the pendulum swings of power in the borderland between compassion and complacency.
60 people per evening will be invited for a „seminar in empathy“ run by the fictional association The Open Heart, founded by „The  Compassionates“ – these are individuals who accommodate and study human beings surviving on the fringes of society, known as „The Sufferers“.
As a seminar participant, each audience member is assigned a bed, a locker, and a personal mentor from the ranks of „The Sufferers“, respectively. During the performance, the audience will adopt their mentor’s name and clothes and will experience their world from inside their embodied experience.«

Szenografie: in Zusammenarbeit mit Signa Köstler.
Rolle: Wolfgang Petersen

Auszeichnungen: (Dänischer Theaterpreis) Årets Reumert 2020, Kategorie: Best performance of the year.

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Aarhus Festuge, Denmark
23.08.19 – 29.09.19

Fotos: © Erich Goldmann: